Bits and Pieces


A LITTLE BOY SAT IN THE KITCHEN with his grandmother while she prepared cake batter. As they talked, the youngster talked about how “yucky” everything in his life was. School was yucky. Soccer was yucky. Even Mommy and Daddy were yucky.

Grandma listened closely to his tales of woe. Then she asked if he’d like a snack while they baked the cake.

“Sure!” he replied.

First she offered him some raw eggs.

“No, they’re yucky.”
“How about this nice flour?”
“Grandma, that’s yucky, too!”
“There’s always the shortening.”
“Yucky! Grandma, everything you want me to eat is yucky!”
“Well, yes, by themselves all the ingredients taste yucky,” she said to him.
“But mix them all together in the right way and they make a terrific-tasting cake. Isn’t that right?”
“Yes,” said the little boy.
“Life works the same way,” said his grandmother. “Sometimes everything seems ‘yucky’ but when you put it all together life is really a wonderful treat!”

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