Bits and Pieces


IN HIS 76 YEARS, Mike King accomplished a great deal. As an Irish farm boy he overcame tuberculosis and immigrated to the United States. King married, established himself in real estate, and raised six children. Toward the end of his life, King penned his memoirs though he said he didn’t know how to end the story! One of his daughters suggested he provide his grandchildren with the wisdom King had accumulated during his seven-and-a-half decades. King refused to call his list of wisdom “rules,” saying “they’re only bits of advice.”

At King’s funeral this past March, his family handed out the following nine “bits” as a loving remembrance:

  1. If you make a mistake, live with it. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes; most successes result from them. Learn from your mistakes but don’t dwell on them. Forget them and go on to bigger and better things.
  2. Invest in something, preferably real estate, while you are young and watch your investment grow.
  3. Marry, and if you can’t marry when you are young, marry when you are old. It’s not good for man (or woman) to live alone.
  4. Read extensively and all through life, if possible. It extends your knowledge, expands your vocabulary, and keeps your mind active.
  5. Find yourself a religion, and become involved in it.
  6. Don’t be too judgmental. Try to accept people as they are and you’ll find that all people are beautiful.
  7. Become involved in charitable and social work. The more involved you become the better you will enjoy it.
  8. Don’t let anger consume you. Anger is a destructive passion that can ruin your health, poison your disposition, and banish your friends.
  9. Become immersed in your work but don’t take it home with you. Find a hobby or recreation to get equally involved in during your leisure hours.

Our thanks to Maureen King and the King family for permission to use Mike’s “bits of advice.”

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